Google Releases Gmail’s Gemini AI Features

With the success of its connections with Google Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, and Sheets, Google is now improving Gmail with its Gemini AI. Gmail now has more sophisticated features thanks to the Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model, which can summarize email threads, make response suggestions, draft emails, and respond to certain questions from emails or Google Drive files. The goal of this deployment, which was announced on Monday, is to increase user productivity by streamlining email handling.

The new Gemini AI features will benefit consumers in a number of ways. Long email conversations can be summarized by Gemini, which makes it simpler to instantly understand the context. It can also scan the inbox and Google Drive for relevant answers, create emails, and provide precise answers to queries. To quickly obtain pertinent information, users can ask Gemini questions like “What was the PO number for my agency?” or “When is the next team meeting?”

Only a select few users have access to these advanced functionalities. Customers of Google Workspace with a Gemini Business or Enterprise add-on, as well as subscribers of Gemini Education or Education Premium and Google One AI Premium, can access them. Admins must allow personalization and smart features in the admin panel in order to use these capabilities. End users can click the “Ask Gemini” (star button) in the upper right corner of Gmail to locate Gemini in the side panel. By tapping the “summarize this email” chip in email threads, mobile users can access Gemini.

Gemini features will be released gradually. The features will be available to users of the Rapid Release domain web page one to three days after June 24. The functionalities will be available in scheduled release domains starting on July 8 and should take about 15 days. Starting on June 24, there will be a phased rollout for mobile users spanning 15 days. Google intends to release more mobile features shortly, such as Gmail Q&A and contextual smart answers.

With improved features for better email management and response, this integration represents a major step forward for Gmail users. Utilizing the most recent Gemini 1.5 Pro Large Language Model (LLM), users may manage their inboxes more easily and productively, resulting in time savings. Google is still at the forefront of utilizing AI to improve user experience across its applications with these enhancements.

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