Google Maps shows speed limits and a speedometer on iPhone and CarPlay.

Long accessible on Android, Google Maps is now showing iOS devices and CarPlay a live speedometer and speed limit display. Google verified the update for TechCrunch, an American worldwide web newspaper, confirming a notable improvement for iPhone owners.

Originally first available on Android more than ten years ago, this function lets users access real-time speed data from inside the Google Maps app. Users of the Google Maps app on their iPhone must open the speedometer and speed limit display by first opening Settings, then Navigation, then Driving Options after selecting their profile image. They can thus switch the speedometer’s and speed limit options. Activated, the speedometer shows the vehicle’s speed in real-time as a circular floating icon in the bottom-left corner of the navigation screen. Should the speed surpass the local limit, the icon will turn different to signal the motorist visually.

Navigating to Maps Settings, then Navigation, and selecting Map Display allows users to readily disable this feature and opt to show or hide the speedometer. With server-side changes releasing over recent weeks, Google Maps for iOS version 6.123.0 offers this capability.

Google underlines that the in-app speedometer is meant for informational only use. Users should rely on the speedometer of their car for accurate speed data since external elements could produce a difference between the reading of the app and the real vehicle speed. On Google’s support page, which also shows that users may turn on or off the speed limit function by touching the Speed Limit icon, this advice is restated.

Google to TechCrunch verified that this function is being rolled out globally. This means that users of iPhones with CarPlay all over will soon be able to check speed just as quickly as Android users have been able since 2019. Originally introduced for a small number of markets, the function grew to more than forty countries in one year.

Generally, Google Maps’ speedometer and speed limits on iPhone and CarPlay seek to improve driving safety and assist users in avoiding speed tickets. This function offers iPhone users an improved navigating experience by including real-time speed statistics and visual notifications for speed limitations, therefore augmenting Google Maps.

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