Apple’s AI Goals: A Possible Partnership with Meta

According to reports, Apple and Meta are in talks to include Meta’s generative AI model into Apple Intelligence. With this calculated action, Apple hopes to improve its AI skills and provide people with more options. Apple reportedly unveiled this new AI system at WWDC 2024 for iPhones and other devices, according to a Wall Street Journal story. If these talks are successful, Meta might become Apple’s second partner for AI features and applications, after OpenAI.

Making use of Apple’s vast distribution network—akin to the App Store—Meta stands to gain a great deal. Apple has created its own AI models and is currently looking for partners for more complex jobs, even though it entered the generative AI sector later than some of its competitors.

According to the WSJ article, Apple is in discussions with Google’s Gemini and AI firms Anthropic and Perplexity in addition to Meta and OpenAI. These possible agreements may allow Apple users to select from a range of third-party AI models in addition to Apple’s internal systems.

This possible partnership highlights unforeseen partnerships in the AI era. Apple and Meta have always been competitors, as seen by Apple’s 2021 privacy improvements, which are said to have cost Meta $10 billion in 2022. Furthermore, Meta has been providing solutions for Apple’s 30% service charge on specific ads. It’s interesting to note that Apple has not demanded money from these businesses throughout their talks about AI. As an alternative, AI businesses might use Apple Intelligence to offer premium memberships at a profit, much like the App Store. Although these agreements may improve the way AI businesses distribute their products, it’s unclear just how much money these collaborations would save.

Through Apple Intelligence, OpenAI intends to offer a free version of ChatGPT that enables users to link premium accounts. With this agreement, ChatGPT usage is expected to quadruple, even though OpenAI’s infrastructure expenditures may go up by 30–40%.

Since its July 2023 introduction, Meta’s AI model Llama has received strong support from the IT sector. For Meta’s AI group, a partnership with Apple would be a significant accomplishment. Craig Federighi, the head of Apple’s software division, stressed the value of providing a variety of AI solutions to address a range of user demands, from creative writing to medical research, at WWDC 2024.

Apple’s discussions with Meta and other significant AI companies like Google and Anthropic demonstrate the company’s dedication to growing its AI ecosystem. According to Craig Federighi, Apple wants to give users the finest AI alternatives possible, understanding that different jobs could call for varying levels of AI proficiency. This strategy shows a move away from solely focusing on building internal capabilities and toward accepting external AI models.

Given their prior disagreements, Apple and Meta’s possible collaboration is noteworthy. Apple’s 2021 privacy updates, which gave users more control over their data, significantly impacted Meta’s bottom line. Meta responded by coming up with ways to get around Apple’s service charges for adverts. Nonetheless, the ongoing conversations about AI point to a potential reconciliation, with mutual gain expected from the partnership.

Apple may include other external AI models into its ecosystem, however these talks are still ongoing and no formal partnerships have been finalized. With a variety of advanced tools catered to a wide range of applications, these integrations have the potential to completely transform the AI capabilities available to iPhone users.

Apple’s approach of working with top AI developers like Meta might establish new benchmarks for innovation and user experience in the tech sector as the AI landscape continues to change. Though the outcome of these talks is still up in the air, they do serve to emphasize how dynamic and quickly evolving AI development and application are.

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