Blue Dart expands its EV fleet to celebrate World Environment Day.

Blue Dart, a major logistics company, has announced the increase of its electric vehicle (EV) fleet to over 480 EVs, marking a significant step toward sustainability. This program is consistent with the company’s objective of reaching net-zero carbon emissions and demonstrates its attention to environmental conservation.

commitment to sustainability

This extension is intended to significantly lower Blue Dart’s carbon footprint, saving about 15.05 tons of CO2 each month. The inclusion of these EVs is part of Blue Dart’s overall environmental plan, which includes joining the United Nations’ ‘Climate Neutral Now’ pledge. This promise demonstrates the company’s commitment to implementing methods that reduce environmental impact.

Broader Environmental Strategy

Beyond expanding its EV fleet, Blue Dart’s Sustainability Roadmap includes ambitious activities such as planting over 111,000 trees every year. Once mature, these trees are expected to offset more than 13,320 metric tons of CO2 emissions, contributing to the company’s carbon neutrality ambitions.

Balfour Manuel, Blue Dart’s Managing Director, praised the company’s pioneering role in sustainable logistics. “Blue Dart is driving sustainable logistics in India, paving the road for a greener future. By adding electric vehicles to our fleet, we are dramatically lowering our carbon footprint and contributing to environmental conservation. “This transition to a green fleet demonstrates Blue Dart’s commitment to carbon neutrality and long-term growth,” he said.

Leading the Way for Sustainable Logistics

Blue Dart’s expansion of its EV fleet represents a big step toward sustainability. The company’s commitment to providing innovative and ecologically responsible logistics solutions distinguishes it as an industry leader. This step not only demonstrates Blue Dart’s dedication to lowering its environmental effect, but also positions it as a role model for other logistics organizations seeking sustainability.

By incorporating electric cars into its operations, Blue Dart is sending a strong message about the significance of environmental stewardship in the logistics industry. The company’s actions show a proactive attitude to combating climate change and promoting a cleaner, greener future.


Blue Dart’s decision to expand its EV fleet on World Environment Day reflects its long-term goal of sustainability and carbon neutrality. The company’s complete environmental plan, together with its commitment to new logistical solutions, demonstrates its leadership in promoting sustainable development. As Blue Dart continues to incorporate eco-friendly methods, it establishes a standard for the logistics industry, demonstrating the real benefits of committing to a more sustainable future.

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